Mejora de la coordinación de las asignaturas a través de la generación automática de actas basadas en la comunicación vía email

  1. Vicente García Díaz
  2. Cristian González
  3. Edward Rolando Núñez Valdez
  1. 1 Universidad de Oviedo

    Universidad de Oviedo

    Oviedo, España


Revista de innovación y buenas prácticas docentes

ISSN: 2531-1336

Year of publication: 2020

Volume: 9

Issue: 2

Pages: 82-91

Type: Article

DOI: 10.21071/RIPADOC.V9I2.12993 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor

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This p roject consists in t he development of a digital platform to create meeting minutes for a subject in an automatic way . The data come from the email conversations of the professor of one subject, and the emails between professor and student . The motivation of this work is due to the fact that the virtual meeting s normally has no t a minute which leave s proof of the participants, participants’ statements, their dates, and conclusions . The main object is to leave proof of all the work of the professors in an easy and simple way . In this way, the participants will not have to make any additional task or work. These emails are analysed and gathered in a automate way. Then , the minutes are created in PDF, which can be read in almost any device. This application has been tested in two subjects and we provide information about its use . The application achieved gathering all the information of the emails in an automate way and created the meeting minutes.

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