Department: Informática

Area: Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence



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Doctor by the Universidad de Oviedo with the thesis Sistemas de recomendación de contenidos para libros inteligentes 2012. Supervised by Dr. Juan Manuel Cueva Lovelle, Dr. Óscar Sanjuán Martínez.

Edward Rolando Núñez-Valdez is an associate professor and researcher in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence, affiliated with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oviedo (Spain). He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of Oviedo, a Master's degree in Software Engineering from the University of Pontifical Salamanca, an executive Master's in Innovation from the School of Industrial Organization in Madrid, and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (equivalently recognized as a Computer Engineer degree in Spain). Throughout his professional career, he has been involved in numerous research projects at the national and international levels, worked for various software development companies and IT consulting firms, and published over 45 articles in prestigious international journals and conferences. He is accredited as a scientific researcher in the National Career of Researchers in Science, Technology, and Innovation by MEECYT (Dominican Republic). His research interests encompass artificial intelligence, recommendation systems, decision support systems, health informatics, software modeling with domain-specific languages (DSL), and model-driven engineering (MDE).