Department: Administración de Empresas

Area: Business Management



Doctor by the Universidad de Oviedo with the thesis La internacionalización de la empresa española mediante alianzas estratégicas globales 1987-1997 un enfoque de creación de valor 2000. Supervised by Dr. Esteban García Canal.

I am an Associate Professor of Management at University of Oviedo (Spain). I graduated in Economics and Business Administration at University of Oviedo in 1995, obtained my PhD in Business Administration and Management in 2000 at University of Oviedo. I am currently co-director of the Master in Transport and Logistics Management at the University of Oviedo. My research has focused on the analysis of alliances as a means for internationalisation and on the study of the internationalisation processes of companies - the influence of cultural distance on investment processes, the relationship between entry mode and risk exposure, the identification of patterns of effective use of different investment formulas and I have also studied the role of national culture in international business research. In the last 27 years I have taught Business, Human Resources Management and International Strategy for graduate and undergraduate levels.