Department: Construcción e Ingeniería de Fabricación

Area: Engineering Graphic Expression


Doctor by the Universidad de Oviedo with the thesis Producción y recuperación de biogás en vertederos controlados de residuos sólidos urbanos: análisis de variables y modelización 1997. Supervised by Dr. Herminio Sastre Andrés.

Santiago Martín received his PhD in Industrial Engineering from the University of Oviedo in 1997 (Spain). He worked as an environmental specialist during seven years in several private companies and in the Asturias regional government. Since 2003 Dr. Martin has become a professor at the University of Oviedo, teaching several subjects related to engineering graphics. He is working in the fields of virtual reality, computer graphics and computer vision. He is interested in the application of those technologies, by means of serious games, particularly in Vision Therapy, Geology, Psychology, Engineering and Architecture. His more relevant collaborations have taken place in the University College London, UCL (professors Anthony Steed and David Swapp) and in the University of California – Berkeley (professors Dennis M. Levi y Jian Ding). He has promoted from the University of Oviedo the development of the startup VisionaryTool, S.L. (