Department: Historia del Arte y Musicología

Area: Music



Doctor by the Universidad de Oviedo with the thesis El compositor Evaristo Fernández Blanco (1902-1993) de la modernidad al exilio interior 2018. Supervised by Dr. María Encina Cortizo Rodríguez, Dr. Ramón Sobrino Sánchez.

Doctor in Art and Musicology (University of Oviedo). Outstanding Cum Laude. Graduate with a Degree in History and Sciences of Music (University of Oviedo), Final Degree Award, Extraordinary Bachelor's Award and Accesit National Final Degree Award in History and Arts. Higher Degree in Music, Specialty in Cello (CONSMUPA). F.P.U. scholarship holder (Department of History and Music Sciences - University of Oviedo) and Ficyt “Severo Ochoa” (Principado de Asturias). University Collaboration Scholarship (2010-2011, University of Oviedo), Musical Electronics and Computer Science Classroom Scholarship (2010/2011, University of Oviedo). Scholarship from the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Principality of Asturias, as principal cello at the JOSPA/OSPA. Bachelor's thesis focused on heavy metal in the Principality of Asturias, covering the origin, evolution and discography. With this research he obtained the Extraordinary Bachelor's Award. It is published as "Olympus of Metal: origin, evolution and discography of heavy metal in Asturias (1980-2012)", NorteSur Records. This research gives rise to other research and collaboration work with specialized media. Her research career covers urban popular music, ethnomusicology and historical musicology, a field in which he has completed his Doctoral Thesis, published as a monograph. He has published various books, articles and book chapters that cover these lines of research. He participates in numerous national and international conferences. In 2018 she published "Evaristo Fernández Blanco (1902-1993): music and silences of a composer in the Spanish musical avant-garde of the 20th century" in Hispanic Music Series, University of Oviedo. In January 2019 she won the “Mariano Rodríguez” Prize from the Carolina Rodríguez Foundation and the University of León for her work “Musical reflection of the Leonese soul: references and quotes to folklore in the work of Evaristo Fernández Blanco (1902-1993)”. It is published as a book with the same title in Publications of the University of León. She belongs to the ERASMUSH Research Group, participating in the research projects “Music and press in Spain: Emptying, study and online dissemination” (2012-2015), “Opera, lyrical drama and zarzuela grande between 1868 and 1925. Texts and music in “the creation of the national lyrical theater”. (2013-2015) and Music and the City: Spaces, institutions and Encounters since the Industrial Revolution (since 2021). She collaborates with the Ihmagine Research Group of the University of Salamanca in the project "Músicos en la Sombra" in collaboration with the A.I.E. As a performer she has participated in numerous recordings of various styles, performing as a soloist, in chamber groups and orchestras throughout Spain. Professor at the University of Oviedo in the degrees of Master in Early Childhood and Primary Education, History of Art and History and Sciences of Music, as well as in University Extension courses. Cello teacher at the Professional Conservatory of Music of Gijón and the Superior Conservatory of Oviedo. Music Teacher in Secondary Education at the Ministry of Education of the Principado de Asturias. She organizes and directs the summer course at the University of León “Around the composer Evaristo Fernández Blanco (1902-1993): music, arts and letters of a generation”, She has been a member of scientific committees and organizers of various Congresses and Musicological Research Conferences. She has curated two exhibitions about the composer Evaristo Fernández Blanco (2018 and 2019) organized by the Astorga City Council (León). She has been coordinator of the Asturian Music Yearbook since 2019