Novus homo in historia linguæ italicæaplicación didáctica de un estudio de caso

  1. José García Fernández 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Oviedo

    Universidad de Oviedo

    Oviedo, España


Voces disidentes contra la misoginia: nuevas perspectivas desde la sociología, la literatura y el arte
  1. García Valdés, Pablo (coord.)
  2. Gorgojo Iglesias, Raisa (coord.)
  3. Mayor de la Iglesia, Enrique (coord.)

Publisher: Dykinson

ISBN: 978-84-1122-641-7

Year of publication: 2022

Pages: 667-682

Type: Book chapter


This essay focuses on the relevance of bringing alternative masculinity archetypes to university students of Italian as a Foreign Language (ITALS). It presents a teaching proposal aimed at Spanish-speaking students of Italian at level C1 according to the CEFR and methodologically centred on the main treatise written by the humanist Aonio Paleario: Dell’economia o vero del governo della casa (1555). The use of this philological work as a cardinal teaching resource proves to be extremely useful, as it provides pedagogical contents that promote gender equality in the classroom and contributes to innovate the teaching activity of higher education within the framework of the “History of the Italian Language”.