Department: Química Física y Analítica

Area: Analytical Chemistry



Doctor by the Universidad de Oviedo with the thesis (Bio)electroanalytical devices based on carbon transducers screen-printed electrodes and pins 2016. Supervised by Dr. Agustín Costa García, Dr. María Teresa Fernández Abedul.

Estefanía got her PhD Degree in Chemistry in June 2016 (Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry at University of Oviedo). Her PhD Thesis obtained the highest classification and the Extraordinary Doctorate Award granted by the University of Oviedo. In august 2016, Estefanía gained a postdoctoral fellowship to work in the group of Prof. Delerue-Matos (Grupo de Reação e Análises Químicas, GRAQ,, Portugal), a sub-group of the Rede de Química e Tecnologia (REQUIMTE/LAQV). Since February 2021, Estefanía is distinguished researcher “Beatriz Galindo” at University of Oviedo, and she develops research and teaching activities in the Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry. She belongs to the Spectrometry and Electrochemistry BioNanoAnalytics research group (E2BNA, Estefanía’s research area is analytical chemistry, namely (bio)electroanalysis. She has worked in the development of a wide variety of electrochemical sensors, enzymatic and immunosensors, based on conventional three-electrode cells, screen-printed electrodes and paper (or similar/common materials)-based platforms, employing diverse nanomaterials as modifiers or labels, for clinical, food and environmental analysis. Estefanía belongs to ISE, RSEQ and SEQA societies.