Area: Statistics and Operations Research


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Doctor by the Universidad de Oviedo with the thesis Phylogeography of section gymnopera d.don (saxifraga l., saxifragaceae juss.) 2017. Supervised by Dr. José Antonio Fernández Prieto, Dr. Eduardo Cires Rodríguez.

My research experience has been focused on the study of phylogeny and phylogeography of plants, mostly European, through the application of molecular, bioinformatics and statistical methods. During my master and PhD studies at the University of Oviedo I have acquired extensive experience with biotechnological techniques such as PCR, sequencing, phylogenetic tree construction, haplotype networks, AFLP and microsatellite genotyping. These skills have allowed me to develop a solid scientific background in plant biology. My latest experiences have led me to explore a new branch of biology, habitat restoration in Natura 2000 protected areas, focusing mainly on Atlantic river habitats.