Department: Biología de Organismos y Sistemas

Area: Plant Physiology


Personal web:

Before starting my research career as PhD student, my curiosity lead me to perform7 days training on RNA-seq data analysis in the EMBL-EBI and 2 months work on epigenomic data analysis in Prof. Mario Fraga’s cancer epigenetics research group (FINBA, Oviedo, Spain) during my master’s degreee on plant biotechnologyin 2019. I started my PhD in 2019-2020 when i joined Prof. María Jesús Cañal-Prof. Mónica Meijón- and Prof. Luis Valledor-’s plant abiotic stress group, being awarded with a FPU predoctoral fellowship. My thesis cover the characterization of single and combined stress responses and potential memory implications in different Pinus species. This work has given me experience in systems biology (transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics) and comparative genomics. Currently, one research paper resulted from this project(DOI: Furthermore, I have coauthored one book chapter about regulatory networks. Throughout my PhD I have conjugated research work with the participation and organization of different scientific congresses and societies, teaching (>160 h) and science management and divulgation.