Department: Morfología y Biología Celular

Area: Cell Biology

Research group: BIOLOGIA REDOX


Sergio Alcón obtained his Degree in Biology at the University of Oviedo, and in 2020 he completed the Master's Degree in Biomedicine and Molecular Oncology, finishing his Master's Thesis entitled "Redox Impact of Alterations in Prostate Cancer" with a grade of 9.8/10 points under the supervision of Prof. Juan C Mayo and Dr. Isabel Quirós. He is currently in his fourth year of the PhD programme in Biomedicine and Molecular Oncology, for which he obtained the "Severo Ochoa Programme of Predoctoral Research and Teaching Grants from the Principality of Asturias (PA-21-PFBP20-022)" grant. In the BIOX group, supervised by Profs. Juan C Mayo and Rosa M Sainz, he has skills in both 2D and 3D cell cultures, molecular biology, histological staining and immunohistofluorescence, as well as in in vivo work, being officially certified for Function B (Euthanasia) and Function C (Performance of Procedures) for rodents. Sergio is enrolled in two research projects and has a patent with positive evaluation in process of registration as co-inventor, on "Rapid Detection of Covid-19" (IET202130831). In addition, in 2023 Sergio won the international "3Rs Award" from the Animal Research Tomorrow organisation for a project to develop prostatic organoids to replace animal experimentation. Finally, he has 142 hours of teaching at the Morphology and Cell Biology Department, University of Oviedo, and he has an official B2 certificate in English aswell as 26 scientific training courses.