Department: Biología Funcional

Area: Physiology


I am a Doctor from the University of Oviedo. In terms of my previous studies, I have a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, and a Master's degree in Nutrition and Metabolism. Since 2017, I have been associated with the field of physiology and have focused my research on nutrition, especially on child nutrition and its relationship with the intestinal microbiota. My main objective is to understand how the foods we consume can affect our health both in the short and long term, and how we can improve our nutrition to prevent diseases and promote a healthy lifestyle. In particular, I am interested in exploring how the intestinal microbiota, which is the community of microorganisms that inhabit our intestines, can influence health and disease. In my career as a researcher, I have published several articles in specialized journals and have participated in different research projects. Additionally, I have presented various works at scientific congresses and events."