Department: Ciencia y Tecnología Náutica

Area: Shipbuilding


Temporary Lecturer in the Area of Shipbuilding of the Department of Nautical Science and Technology of the University of Oviedo, from September 2021, teaching in the Degree in Nautical and Maritime Transport, Degree in Marine and Master in Nautical and Maritime Transport Management. Teaching the subjects of Shipbuilding and Ship Theory, Extension of Shipbuilding and Ship Theory and Design and Execution of Emergency and Safety Plans. Degree and Master's Degree in Nautical and Maritime Transport Management at the Escuela Superior de la Marina Civil de Gijón, University of Oviedo. Thesis in the Interuniversity Doctorate Programme in Nautical Maritime Engineering and Naval Radioelectronics of the University of Oviedo: "Procedures for the detection, analysis, prevention and control of biological contamination by fouling in the Port of Gijón". Research experience contracted by the MINECO National Project CGL2016-79209-R "Scientific and educational strategies for a sustainable port activity in the face of biological invasions" (BLUEPORTS) as a trainee researcher for one year. Member of the working team in the national project DNA tools and knowledge sharing for aquatic biosecurity (AQUASAFE-DNA) with reference: PDC2021-120939-I00. Researcher of Project SV-22-GIJÓN-1-17 "Fouling on the hulls of Asturian ships: problems, economic and environmental effects and possible improvements" by the University Institute of Industrial Technology of the University of Oviedo. Three book chapters: "Implicación del transporte marítimo en la contaminación de los Mares. From the West Atlantic to the Port of Gijón", "Women in the maritime sector: past, present and future" and "Fouling in small vessels as factors of biological pollution and resistance to progress". Three articles: "Building on gAMBI in ports for a challenging biological invasions scenario: Blue-gNIS as a proof of concept", "Implication of maritime transport in marine pollution. From the Caribbean Sea to the Port of Gijón" and "Fatigue as a Key Human Factor in Complex Sociotechnical Systems: Vessel Traffic Services". Presentation of 14 communications and 9 posters in International and National Congresses. Participation in 3 projects and 2 teaching innovation practices at the University of Oviedo. Presentation of a poster and a paper at a conference on teaching innovation. Founding member of the Classes with Impact work team of the Medialab Chair. Member of the Quality Commission of the Escuela Superior de la Marina Civil de Gijón. Member of the Council of the Department of Nautical Sciences and Technologies of the University of Oviedo. Member of the University Institute of Industrial Technology of Asturias (IUTA). Collaborator with the Milla del Conocimiento: Gijón Azul Chair. B2 degree in English from the Official Language School and certificate in nautical English. Course in training of trainers (200 hours), 17 training courses (more than 230 hours) by the Institute for Educational Research and Innovation (INIE). Grant awarded by the "Claudio Alvargonzalez Sanchez" Foundation to carry out a study on fouling in Asturian shipyards. Awarded a grant by the Gijón Azul Chair to carry out research on biological pollution in the Port of Gijón. Awarded first prize in the Master's Degree class. Third prize in the University Contest of Talent and Entrepreneurship of the University of Oviedo CHAMP-U. Milla del Conocimiento Chair Award: Xixón Sostenibilidad, for TFG. Second Class Merchant Navy Pilot, GMDSS Operator, Yacht Captain and Pleasure Craft Skipper, 15 nautical certifications issued by the General Directorate of the Spanish Merchant Navy.