Department: Estadística e Investigación Operativa y Didáctica de la Matemática

Area: Didactics of Mathematics

Research group: Mathematics Education Research Group


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Doctor by the Universidad de Oviedo with the thesis Análisis diferencial e integral de variables aleatorias difusas aplicaciones a la decisión estadística 2001. Supervised by Dr. María Angeles Gil Alvarez, Dr. Miguel López Díaz.

Coordinator of the Mathematics Education Research Group of the University of Oviedo. Bachelor's degree (1996) and Ph.D, with Extraordinary Prize (2001), in Mathematics. Recognized 4 research periods (1998-2003, 2004-2009 and 2010-2015, 2016-2021) and 1 research transfer period (2011-2018). Likewise, 4 five-year teaching periods, 2 regional teaching sections and 3 regional research sections were recognized. Second Vice President of the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society (RSME) since 2022. President of the Education Commission of the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society (2018-2022, member since 2010) and member of its Governing Board (since 2020). Member of the Spanish Society for Research in Mathematics Education (SEIEM) and the Asturian Society for Mathematics Education "Agustín de Pedrayes". Member of the Asturias Council for Vocational Training (since 2016). Coordinator in Spain of the MTSK Ibero-American Network. Vice-Rector for Students at the University of Oviedo (2012-2016), Vice-Rector for Students and Employment at the University of Oviedo (2011-2012), Director of the Orientation and Access Area at the University of Oviedo (2008-2011). Member of the Student Affairs sector of the Conference of Spanish University Rectors (CRUE, 2012-2016) and coordinator of the Student Assistance (2012-2014) and Access and Orientation (2014-2016) working groups. Member of the Governing Council of the University of Oviedo (since 2011) and of the University Senate (since 2008). Research stays at the universities of Cincinnati (USA), Paris IX-Dauphine (France), Sannio (Italy), Ghent (Belgium), Utrecht (Netherlands), and Federico II of Naples (Italy), and at the OECD ( Mexico and Pittsburgh). Teaching stays at the universities of Chieti-Pescara (Italy), Sannio (Italy), Ghent (Belgium), Federico II of Naples (Italy), Polytechnic of Wroclaw (Poland), Novi Sad (Serbia), Libre of Bolzano (Italy) . Member of the Advisory Commission for the Evaluation of Teaching and Institutions of ANECA (2017-2020). Evaluator for the Madri+d Foundation, the Andalusian Knowledge Agency (AAC), the Galician University System Quality Agency (ACSUG), the Slovak Research and Development Agency (SRDA-APVV)-Slovakia and the National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FONDECYT)- Chile.