Department: Derecho Público

Area: Constitutional Law



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Doctor by the Universidad de Oviedo with the thesis "La distorsión del concepto de representación y la conversión del partido político en ""soberano"" en el ordenamiento constitucional español." 1999. Supervised by Dr. Francisco José Bastida Freijedo.

Professor of Constitutional Law, I started my trajectory at the University of Oviedo in 1991. I have enjoyed doctoral and postdoctoral stays at the Universities of Roma, Pisa, Regensbourg, Fribourg, Porto, Coimbra and New York and I supervised 4 PhD Thesis. Regarding my research activity, the most relevant contributions are those related to fundamental rights and democracy and, more recently about the impact of the Artificial Intelligence to the social and democratic state. Studying the connection between Law and information and communication technologies has allowed me to publish different papers and to participate in conferences, national and international, in Europe and America. That research activity crystallized, in 2022, in the book Derechos fundamentales e inteligencia artificial. I published more than 150 books, chapters or papers in Spanish, Mexican, Brazilian, Italian, French, English and German journals or publishers. I was IP of three national research projects and now (2023-2025) I am IP of the national research project "The challenges of the artificial intelligence to the Rule of Law and the social and democratic State (RETINA-DER). This research group is composed by 22 researchers from Spanish (Oviedo, Valencia, Barcelona, Carlos III, La Rioja, Miguel Hernández y Zaragoza), Portuguese (University Catolic of Lisbon), Brazilian (Porto Alegre), Italian (Verona) and Dutch (Leiden) universities. I belong to the experts panel of ANEP and evaluated several proposals. This trajectory has allowed me to transfer knowledge to society through different activities. I have appeared in the Congress, the Senate and the parliaments of Asturias, Andalusia and Madrid to assess different legislative initiatives on electoral reforms, transparency, quality of democracy ...; I have joined the first program of pairing of research staff with deputies promoted by the Office of Science and Technology