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Laura Gutiérrez Gutiérrez obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biology (Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology) at the Faculty of Biology, Universidad de Oviedo (Spain), in 1998. She obtained an MSc in Biotechnology in 2000 at the University of Leicester (United Kingdom, with Distinction), having completed her Master’s dissertation under the supervision of Dr A. de Klein from the Genetics Department (ErasmusMC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands). She then joined the Cell Biology Department in ErasmusMC as a PhD researcher, initially supervised by Professor D. Whyatt, and obtained her PhD in 2005 (thesis title: “Studies on Gata1: Cell Cycle, Survival and Differentiation”), under the supervision of Professor F. Grosveld and co-supervised by Professor J. Philipsen. She continued in the Cell Biology Department as a postdoctoral researcher in Professor J. Philipsen’s research group, where she developed her own lines of research, focusing on haematopoietic lineage specification and the role of Gata1 in these processes. She was awarded a VENI grant (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research -NWO- “Transcriptome-wise dendritic cell manipulation”) and she joined Sanquin Research (Amsterdam, Netherlands) in 2010 as a junior group leader in the Blood Cell Research Department (headed by Dr. T.K. van den Berg), where her research focused on megakaryopoiesis and platelet function. She returned to Spain on a Ramón y Cajal contract and, after two years at the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria San Carlos (San Carlos Health Research Institute, Madrid), she has been working at ISPA since January 2018 as Principal Investigator, affiliated with the Department of Medicine at the Universidad de Oviedo as Associate Professor I3, with 3 research "six-year terms" recognised.