Department: Explotación y Prospección de Minas

Area: Engineering Projects


Doctor by the Universidad de Oviedo with the thesis Metodología para la optimización de la eficiencia en el tratamiento y gestión de residuos industriales 2013. Supervised by Dr. José Valeriano Álvarez Cabal, Dr. Gemma Marta Martínez Huerta.

Substitute labor professor since September 2019, previously a researcher at the University of Oviedo since 2017, and prior to that a project engineer at an engineering company after working as a researcher since 2007. Graduated in Mining Engineering from the University of Oviedo in 2009, obtained a doctorate from the same university in 2013, and completed the Official Master's Degree in Project Management from the University of La Rioja. Currently a member of the Engineering Projects Research Group at the University of Oviedo and a tutor at the UNED-Center associated with Asturias since 2014. Professional experience began in 2007 when the individual joined the Engineering Projects Research Group as an active researcher, participating in numerous research projects belonging to European, national, and regional calls, as well as contracts with private companies. The projects in which they have participated are related to energy efficiency, life cycle analysis, and valorization and reuse of industrial waste. In 2011, they joined a private company as an engineer involved in the development of several industrial plant projects. She has participated as an author and co-author in various Engineering Project conferences and, as a result of their thesis, is the author of 2 articles in JCR-indexed journals and 11 related to other topics outside of their thesis also in JCR-indexed journals and 15 publications in conferences. In 2016, rejoined the Engineering Projects Research Group as a project manager in the Mine Exploitation and Prospecting Department, as well as co-director of theses, tutor of Master's final works and projects in the process of elaboration, and researcher in various articles.