Department: Filología Española

Area: Spanish Literature


Associate professor at the University of Oviedo since October 2020. - Degree in Spanish Language and its Literatures. University of Oviedo (2015) - Master's Degree in Secondary Education Teacher Training, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training. University of Oviedo (2016) - Master's Degree in Dictionary Development and Quality Control of the Spanish Lexicon. UNED (2018) His area of ​​interest is Asturian literature, with special attention to 19th century literature. He is the author of three reviews and is currently developing two book chapters at the request of the coordinators of both volumes. For three years he has been teaching the subjects of History of Asturian Literature (Faculty of Philosophy and Letters) and Asturian Literature (Faculty of Teacher Training and Education). He has participated as a teacher for two consecutive years in the Summer Course of the University of Oviedo "UABRA: Cursu Elemental de Llingua Asturiana". He has six years of experience as a teacher of Asturian Language and Literature at ESO.