Capacidad de respuesta penal frente a los clásicos y nuevos fraudes en los sistemas de banca onlinepropuestas interpretativas

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Revista General de Derecho Penal

ISSN: 1698-1189

Year of publication: 2024

Issue: 41

Type: Article

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In recent years, there has been a change in trend in the types of fraud in online banking transactions, characterised by the development of methods increasingly based on human vulnerability, accompanied at the same time by new theological mechanisms (spear phishing, vishing or call spoofing). At the same time, there has been an important legislative evolution, the most important aspect being, however, the debatable judicial interpretation of the issue and its evolution in terms of the concurrence of the objective and subjective elements of the different criminal offences used for the punishment of intermediaries in fraud (computer fraud, fraudulent money laundering or negligent money laundering). This paper, through the critical analysis of more than 70 judgments of conviction, attempts to bring order to the current situation, establishing new rational interpretative parameters aimed at determining the accreditation of the perpetrator's malice and, at the same time, the criminal offence that should be applied in each case.