A multivocal research project on the Roman army presence in NW Iberia from the margins of Academia

  1. Blanco Rotea, Rebeca
  2. Costa García, José Manuel
  3. González Álvarez, David
  4. Menéndez Blanco, Andrés
  5. Fonte, João
  6. Gago Mariño, Manuel
  7. Álvarez Martínez, Valentín
The European Archaeologist

ISSN: 1022-0135

Year of publication: 2016

Pages: 72-76

Type: Article

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The following text details a research experience in Archaeology from the margins of the Academy, where it is also possible to articulate a scientific, self-managed project on the basis of a rigorous work although lacking external funding. Our intention is to disclose the project in the context of the EAA, after our participation at the 22nd Annual Meeting which took place in Vilnius in September 2016.