Geography and Global Change through Interculturality and CLIL

  1. Salvador Beato Bergua
  2. Donna Lee Fields pr.
  3. Noelia Bueno Gómez pr.

Publisher: Universidad de Oviedo

ISBN: 9788410135055

Year of publication: 2024

Type: Book


Geographical science has played a fundamental role in shaping the concept of nature as a resource to fulfill societal needs within a production system. The dominance of the cultural and socioeconomic model has propelled the planet into one of the most significant environmental and social crises in its history, evident in the ongoing process of global change. This book undertakes a theoretical exploration of interculturality, geography, and CLIL teaching. The primary goal is to initiate a collective reflection on the potential incorporation of intercultural perspectives on nature into the geography curriculum within a CLIL teaching framework. Geography, being the science of territory and landscape, provides insights into the intricate relationships between culture and nature across diverse regions of the planet. This discourse also addresses the imperative to redefine the teaching of geography and its role within the broader context of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Additionally, Content and Language lntegrated Learning (CLIL) pedagogy holds the potential to foster citizenship skills for intercultural mediation and the exploration of solutions to the challenges posed by global change.