The Presence of the Roman Army in North-Western Hispania: New Archaeological Data from Ancient Asturias and Galicia

  1. Costa García, José Manuel
  2. Menéndez Blanco, Andrés
  3. González Álvarez, David
  4. Gago Mariño, Manuel
  5. Fonte, João
  6. Blanco Rotea, Rebeca
  7. Álvarez Martínez, Valentín
Limes XXIII. Proceedings of the 23rd International Limes Congress in Ingolstadt 2015. Mainz: Nünnerich-Asmus. Vol. 2

Argitaletxea: Nünnerich-Asmus

Argitalpen urtea: 2018

Orrialdeak: 903-910

Mota: Biltzar ekarpena


International Congress of Roman Frontier Studies (23rd, 2015, Ingolstadt, Alemania)Since the last decade of the 20th century, Roman military archaeology in Spain has been revolutionized. In this period methodology has evolved and several sites have been discovered, mainly in the northern section of the River Duero basin and in the mountainous areas of Cantabria and Asturias. Some of these sites could be linked with the campaigns of Augustus in Hispania; others might explain pre- and post-war scenarios in the transition from the Late Republic to the Early Empire. Our aim in this paper is to present the new military sites discovered in the westernmost part of this region through geospatial technologies in combination with field surveying