Assessing high resolution thermal monitoring of complex intertidal environments from space: The case of ECOSTRESS at Rias Baixas, NW Iberia

  1. Weidberg, N.
  2. López Chiquillo, L.K.
  3. Román, S.
  4. Román, M.
  5. Vázquez, E.
  6. Olabarria, C.
  7. Woodin, S.A.
  8. Wethey, D.S.
Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment

ISSN: 2352-9385

Année de publication: 2023

Volumen: 32

Type: Article

DOI: 10.1016/J.RSASE.2023.101055 GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openAccès ouvert editor

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