Sonido, música y actitud en el rock chileno de los años sesenta

  1. Juan Pablo González 1
  1. 1 Universidad Alberto Hurtado SJ (UAH
Artcultura: Revista de História, Cultura e Arte

ISSN: 2178-3845 1516-8603

Year of publication: 2015

Volume: 17

Issue: 31

Pages: 7-20

Type: Article

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This article addresses the concept of rock as it was defined by the practice of the Chi-lean rockers during the mid sixties. That practice was transformed into a discourse by the first rock critical studies published in Chile in the nineties. Finally, from the current musicology, I review the way rock and non-rock has been defined in Chile, both from practice and from the discourse. The question is about the conditions that allow the existence of rock, as was conceived in the sixties. The hypothesis is that these conditions must be sought in three basic aspects: sound, music and attitude.