La mujer sube a la escenaEstrellas de la canción en el Chile del sesquicentenario

  1. González Rodríguez, Juan Pablo
Neuma: Revista de Música y Docencia Musical

ISSN: 0718-7017 0719-5389

Year of publication: 2010

Year: 3

Volume: 1

Pages: 10-33

Type: Article

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This article focuses on gender studies and musicology, exploring how the feminine has been musically built and the strategies of women musicians to meet their careers. We are interested in establishing relations between social processes and canonical structures with the emergence of four artistic personalities developed by Chilean women throughout the twentieth century: the cantora, the singer, the songwriter and the song star. To this end, the article considers specific cases of women musicians around the Sesquicentennial, considering the action of the music industry, the negotiation of national identities, the incorporation of women into national life, and their emancipation agenda.