Migración amorosa y musical en "Run Run se fue pa'l norte" de Violeta Parra

  1. González Rodríguez, Juan Pablo
Ensayos. Historia y Teoría del Arte

ISSN: 1692-3502

Year of publication: 2006

Issue: 11

Pages: 173-185

Type: Article

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This article explores the construction of historically informed meaning, of Chilean popular song. it proposes a semantic analysis of “run run se fue pa’l norte” (1967) by violeta Parra, by considering its literary, musical, performance, stylistic and autobiographical aspects from an intertextual point of view. as a means to broaden the possible meanings of the song, the article also critically views other versions of “run run se fue pa’l norte”, thus broadening its intertextual analysis. The transcendental contribution of violeta Parra to Chilean popular song will be better understood through the study of this leading song of her production.