Primeros resultados del repertorio vítreo de la villa romana de San Martín (Las Regueras, Asturias)campaña 2020.

  1. Francisco Javier Marcos Herrán
  2. Elías Carrocera Fernández
  3. Juan Ramón Muñiz Álvarez
Oppidum: cuadernos de investigación

ISSN: 1885-6292

Year of publication: 2022

Issue: 18

Pages: 149-176

Type: Article

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Thanks to the combination of prospecting and archaeological excavation in the town of San Martín, two artifacts indicating the daily life of these residential complexes are recorded. On the one hand, the facet of the lighting of rooms and rooms with the documentation of a candela appendage (oil lamp) and on the other, the use of cylindrical bottles in Roman tableware. Both are examples of glass production in late Roman contexts (4th-6th centuries AD).