Las uniones extramatrimoniales en España. ¿Es necesaria su regulación?

  1. Luis Pérez Fernández 1
Revista jurídica de Asturias

ISSN: 0211-1217

Year of publication: 2017

Issue: 40

Pages: 153-167

Type: Article

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Extramarital unions are family models outside marriage which have the same constitutional protection than the ones conceived in it, and although they have existed from ancient times, not always have had the legal protection they have nowadays. In the absence of common regulation in all the national territory, the autonomous registrator attended to this matter in some details according to their competences. Therefore, nowadays extramarital formalized unions and purely factual ones live together in our country. Our deliberation seeks to ask on the one hand if the absolute regulation of extramarital unions would prevent them of their own essence. On the other hand, we should know if it is necessary to approach in the legal framework some aspects of them to protect the convenient injured parties for the breaking or the other people. Finally we have to give absolute absolute freedom to the individual for self-regulating in the development of his autonomy denied in this espect.