Interdisciplinaridad como fundamento para la creación artístico-musical: un ejemplo conectando arqueología y música en una instalación visual-sonora

  1. Edson Zampronha
Conference Proceedings CIVAE 2021

Publisher: MusicoGuia

ISBN: 978-84-09-29615-6

Year of publication: 2021

Pages: 189-193

Congress: Conference Proceedings CIVAE (3. 2021. null)

Type: Conference paper


This paper explains the use of interdisciplinarity as a creative strategy to connect archeology and music for the composition of the sounds used in the installation Ancestral Symbol by Edson Zampronha, which was premiered at the “Archeological site. 12 artists, 12 visions. Synergies between Art and Science” exhibition held in the Experimental Archeology Center (CAREX) in Atapuerca, Burgos (Spain), in 2019. The interdisciplinary strategy consisted of selecting a claviform sign found in several cave paintings; the claviform sign reading as a score, and a musical translation of how archeology understands it (a semiotic translation). As a result, new perspectives, ideas, and creative possibilities not previously considered emerged, confirming the use of this procedure as a conceptual tool that can be used for creative purposes. This paper first presents interdisciplinarity in the form of a semiotic translation as a creative strategy. Afterward, it explains the use of the claviform signs as a musical score for creating the sounds. Finally, it explains the association between the multiple hypotheses about the claviform sign meaning and the diversity of sound organization forms that arise from visitors interacting with the installation.