Restos humanos calcolíticos de dos nuevos yacimientos de Punta Lucero (Zierbena, Bizkaia)

  1. Asier Gómez-Olivencia
  2. Miriam Cubas
  3. Nohemi Sala
  4. Ana Pantoja
  5. Naroa García-Ibaibarriaga
  6. Joseba Ríos-Garaizar
  7. Encarnación Regalado
  8. Iñaki Libano
  9. Gonzalo Solar
  10. Mikel Arlegi
  11. Javier Moreno
Kobie. Paleoantropología

ISSN: 0214-7971

Year of publication: 2015

Issue: 34

Pages: 5-18

Type: Article

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Two new cave sites are presented which have yielded human remains. These remains have been directly dated and provide chronologies that relate them to the Chalcolithic period. The first of these sites, Punta Lucero II, has yielded two human remains of a young individual in a test pit in the exterior part of the cave, which seems to be the dismantled entrance. Despite the presence of a few faunal remains, no archaeological artefacts related to these human remains have been found in this level. The second site, Covachón III, has yielded a total of five human remains, one of which shows a clear post-mortem exposure to fire, and they are associated to a few pottery remains. These two new sites represent new examples of the use of Punta Lucero Mountain by the Late Prehistory populations