Recreando con técnicas de fotogrametría histórica unha paisaxe megalítica asolagadao caso do encoro do Salas (Ourense)

  1. Benito Vilas Estévez 1
  2. Miguel Carrero Pazos 2
  3. José María Eguileta Franco 3
  4. Andres Hast 4
  1. 1 Universidad de Gales Trinity Saint David
  2. 2 Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

    Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

    Santiago de Compostela, España


  3. 3 Concello de Ourense. Sección de Arqueoloxía
  4. 4 Uppsala University

    Uppsala University

    Upsala, Suecia


Férvedes: Revista de investigación

ISSN: 1134-6787

Year of publication: 2015

Issue: 8

Pages: 9-16

Type: Article

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The objective of this study is to try to reconstruct the megalithic landscape located at Val do Sala, which nowadays is situated under the water due to the construction of a dam at the seventies from the last century. The choice of this area is due to the several allusions that makes reference to the big amount of tumulus at this area. Through the employment of different photogrammetric techniques over historical photographs, it was possible to reconstruct this megalithic landscape. We also think that the methodology proposed might be a new step in the study of lost monuments, or that are beginning to disappear.