Aplicación de un programa de intervención psicológica en personas mayores con dolor crónico en el ámbito residencial

  1. Almudena López López
  2. M. Alonso Fernández

ISSN: 1888-6116

Year of publication: 2013

Volume: 24

Issue: 2

Pages: 71-79

Type: Article

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Objective: The purpose of this study was the implementation and evaluation of a group psychological treat- ment for older people with chronic pain living in nursing homes. Patients and methods: The intervention group had 53 participants and the control group, with minimal the- rapist contact format, had 48 participants. The intervention consisted of nine sessions. Treatment techni- ques were typical of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and selection, compensation and optimization strategy training. Results: Assuming a confidence level of 95%, significant changes in the quality and frequency of pain, range of activities, acceptance of pain and depression was found. Data showed significant changes in the capacity of mobility and pain interference. All indicators of satisfaction and quality of implementation were high. Conclusion: A group program that combines psychological treatment under acceptance and commitment the- rapy to training in screening strategies, optimization and compensation can be useful to improve the functio- nality and emotional wellbeing of older people with pain associated with osteoarthritis