La situación de los alumnos extranjeros vista por los maestros de primaria

  1. Campo Mon, María Ángeles 1
  2. Álvarez Hernández, Marina 1
  3. Castro Pañeda, Pilar 1
  4. Álvarez Martino, Eva 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Oviedo

    Universidad de Oviedo

    Oviedo, España


Aula abierta

ISSN: 0210-2773

Year of publication: 2005

Issue: 86

Pages: 205-217

Type: Article

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In this investigation we try to find out what primary education's teachers think about immigrant pupils' integration into schools. In order to do it, we have created and applied a questionnaire to 389 teachers. Results reveal that teachers are favourable to these children's integration into classrooms, so the rest of educational community's members are; although certain negative feelings are perceived also (compassion, alterations in the way the classroom works...). The investigation also reflects that participation of these students varies according to the knowledge area, being smaller on linguistic ones. As regards different ways of enrolment in school which are considered more suitable, something more than half of the teachers choose ordinary school and the rest of them advocate combined education or specific classrooms.