Prácticas de alto rendimiento en recursos humanosconcepto y factores que motivan su adopción

  1. Ordiz Fuertes, Mónica
Cuadernos de economía y dirección de la empresa

ISSN: 1138-5758

Any de publicació: 2002

Número: 12

Pàgines: 247-265

Tipus: Article

Altres publicacions en: Cuadernos de economía y dirección de la empresa


The aim of this paper is to research about the concept of high involvement practises in Human Resource Management and to analyse the factors that condition their adoption. Using a data base of 250 Spanish companies as a starting point, we intend to state the influence of the company¿s size, the age, the competitive advantage, activity sector, the existence of a recent crisis, the culture, the management style and the rivalry of the environment on the adoption of high-involvement practices. With all this we try to offer an exploratory view of nature of the contexts that condition the adoption of such practices, with the aim of motivating more thoroughly future researches