Trabajamos la expresión corporal mediante el arte.

  1. Del Cura González, Yolanda
  2. López Manrique, Inés
  3. Veledo San Pedro, Belén
Alcance de la Investigación en la Educación Física: Camino hacia la calidad de vida
  1. Zurita Ortega, Félix (coord.)
  2. Pérez Cortés, Antonio (coord.)
  3. Castro Sánchez, Manuel (coord.)
  4. Chacón Cuberos, Ramón (coord.)
  5. Espejo Garcés, Tamara (coord.)

Publisher: Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación ; Universidad de Granada

ISBN: 9788469783375

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 172-175

Type: Book chapter


Body knowledge and place knowledge are goals that can be developed from different areas, such us Corporal Expression or Art Education. We have visited the Exhibition "Passages" at LABoral Art Centre in Gijon, Asturias, in order to discover Eliafur Eliason work. An artistic and educational experience, through Contemporary Art (installation) to develop Corporal Expression and to better understand both subject. The visitor‘s active participation is of vital importance in "Your uncertain Shadow" Space and scale are reassessed by the light of this efficient and playful mechanism which it doesn‘t work if it is not any interaction. We could observe Significant results have been obtained observing that retiring students that usually dislike being the focus, react highly positively in this experience.