CrowdsourcingUn nuevo modelo productivo y de negocio.

  1. Alonso Magdaleno, María Isabel
  2. García García, Jesús
Creativity and survival of the firm under uncertainty
  1. Celant, Attilio (coord.)
  2. Iturralde, Txomin (coord.)

Publisher: Academia Europea de Dirección y Economía de la Empresa, AEDEM

ISBN: 978-84-692-5174-4

Year of publication: 2009

Type: Book chapter


Active participation of users on the Internet has not only begun to stimulate new production models, but also a business model around it. Many companies are beginning to exploit competitive advantages in costs or differentiation, derived from people participation and their willingness to collaborate on various projects, which did not always have an economic return, and when this return exists is often less than required by a professional for the same work. This paper analyzes the phenomenon of crowdsourcing from both sides.