Recepción de las instituciones romanas en la biografía de Alonso Antonio de San Martín, hijo de Felipe IV

  1. García Fueyo, Beatriz
Supervised by:
  1. Alfonso Murillo Villar Director

Defence university: Universidad de Burgos

Fecha de defensa: 16 September 2011

  1. Carlos Vattier Fuenzalida Chair
  2. Carmen López-Rendo Rodríguez Secretary
  3. Antonio Santos Justo Committee member
  4. Ricardo Panero Gutiérrez Committee member
  5. Gonzalo Anes Álvarez de Castrillón Committee member

Type: Thesis

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Alonso Antonio de San Martín (1642-1705), lacked a proven biography, so that the thesis has been the subject of a historical-biographical, through manuscripts and unpublished documents, especially with regard to biological and adoptive parents , and its activity as abbot of Alcalá la Real, Bishop of Oviedo and Cuenca. Once we finalized the staff iter prelate, we discuss some legal institutions from the Roman law in force in his biography: illegitimate filiation; waiver of the irregularity by birth and natalium restitutio Roman episcopal jurisdiction based on audientia episcopalis post-classical Roman period, and some private law schools well documented, with particular probate matter analysis, where the restriction on the ability to dispose mortis causa of the bishops come to the nineteenth century, and its origin is found in Justinian.